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Reservations, Deposits and Refunds:

We require reservations and a valid credit card to hold your reservation. If you cancel your reservation less than 24 hours before your scheduled jump, or if you fail to show for your jump, your credit card will be charged a fee of $50. If you show up for your jump and we are unable to jump due to weather or mechanical malfunction you will be given the choice of a full refund or a rain check to reschedule at another time.


You must budget 4 hours for your jump. Your jump is usually completed in about 2 hours but you must be prepared to stay at least 4 hours to allow for delays due to weather, aircraft problems, equipment issues, etc.

Policy For Groups:

We try our very hardest for you to go up in the same airplane as your friends. Due to limited staff, weather, aircraft or other customers it is not always possible for you to jump with the same group that you came with. If this is an issue please do not make a reservation with us.

Video and Still Picture Policy:

As it is physically impossible for the freefall photographer to video more than one tandem in freefall, each tandem must have his own photographer.

They will edit your video with music, put it on a DVD, and put your still pictures on a CD.  On rare occasions we may not be able to edit your video prior to your departure and, in that case, we will mail the video to you, and we reserve the right to do so.

There are no cameras made that are specifically designed to be used in freefall. We used modified consumer cameras (Sony, Nikon, Canon) and they are usually reliable. On rare occasions they do malfunction, or the lenses fog, and we do not record your jump. If this happens, we will refund the price of the video, or stills or both.