Georgetown resident Al Blaschke ties US Record for jumping on his 100th birthday at Skydive Temple - read about it here
Experience the ultimate thrill from 2 miles high! Wind in your hair, adrenaline pumping, your adventure awaits! After your jump, enjoy a free Shiner Bock, and share your experience as part of the skydiving family. We are conveniently located just north of Austin and east of Fort Hood. Knock parachuting off your bucket list today!

Licensed Skydivers

Skydive Temple is a USPA dropzone so you must be a member to jump here. If you do not have an "A" License you must have an AAD. If you are licensed it is recommended but not required. We have indoor air-conditioned packing area with packers, showers, snack bar on weekends, wifi, free beer and most of all fun! So if you want to go skydiving near Austin TX, come on out.