Georgetown resident Al Blaschke ties US Record for jumping on his 100th birthday at Skydive Temple - read about it here

Frequently Asked Questions About Skydiving

1. What should I wear to skydive?

Comfortable clothing and tennis shoes work well - no sandals or boots. T-shirts and shorts work good in the summertime, and in the winter layering works well.

2. Is there an age/weight limit?

We can take up to 230 lb tandem students. You must be 18 years old to jump.

3. What is the deposit?

We require a $50 non-refundable deposit to make a reservation. We normally take a credit card number, but we don’t charge it unless you don’t show up. We need 24 hours notice for rescheduling in order to not forfeit your deposit.

4. How high do you jump from?

About 2 miles up!

5. How do I get there?

We are conveniently located one half hour north of Austin. Check out our Directions webpage

6. When are you open?

We are open 5 days a week, every day but Tuesday and Wednesday, by appointment.

7. Are appointments required?

Reservations are required for weekday jumps, and highly recommended for weekend jumps. People with appointments will have priority over walk-ins.

8. What if the weather looks iffy?

Feel free to give us a call at 254-947-3483 to check on our weather conditions before you leave your house. If inclement weather ceases our operations you will be notified via email, text and phone. Rained Out?

9. Do I have to do a tandem before doing an accelerated freefall jump?

The first two jumps in the AFF course are training tandem jumps. You go up after your training class and practice all that you have learned. Your next jump can then be with your own parachute, with an instructor holding onto you in freefall.

10. Are there group rates?

We do have group rates. For a group of 5 or more, the price drops by $10 a person. For a group of 10 or more, the rate drops by $20 a person. Prices for DVD and pictures also drop by $20 a person.

11. Are you a member of USPA?

Yes Skydive Temple is a group member of the United States Parachute Association

12. Do you drug test?

All staff members at Skydive Temple are subject to random drug testing.

13. Are dogs allowed?

While we love all animals, please leave your dogs at home, other than service animals.

14. Can I wear my Go-Pro on the tandem?

The United States Parachute Association requires a minimum of 200 skydives before jumping with a camera. It is a safety issue. Most setups are not set up to withstand 120 mph winds, and dropping the camera could potentially kill someone on the ground. It can also be a snag hazard in the air. So for safety reasons, students are not allowed to wear their own cameras.