Georgetown resident Al Blaschke ties US Record for jumping on his 100th birthday at Skydive Temple - read about it here

Reviews of Skydive Temple

  • Hands down THE BEST experience that I have had. Granted, I don't have a lot to compare it to, since this is the first skydiving experience I've ever had, but I will absolutely go again if it's with these guys. I was doing the jump for my 26th birthday, and was sort of nervous about it. All of the staff are friendly, professional, and are the kind of people who keep you at ease. The icing on the cake was that I ordered a video package for the whole experience, and because it was my birthday, they presented me with a photo as a way of saying happy birthday! I didn't think it could get any better, but it did.

  • WOW WOW and WOW. Wonderful people! Shelby relieved any apprehension with his professional attitude. The jump was not the least bit scary and was so much more than I could comprehend. If you've never jumped this is a definite must. Thanks so much to the Skydive Temple team!

  • Got the bf a gift certificate for Christmas. He had an amazing time and got to cross an item off his bucket list. I went skydiving 2 years ago at another facility. While the experience of skydiving itself cannot be ... explained? ...put into words? The service you receive at the facility is a different story. The place i went added extra fees, was hours behind schedule without explanation and had a decrepit facility and plane. Skydive Temple had an updated facility AND Plane! No hidden fees and friendly employees. The boy was jumping within the hour we arrived. They had a keg of beer on the patio for me while i waited and to celebrate once the man landed. Carole S

  • Most exciting experience I've had in years. Great customer service and knowledgeable staff. Aaron was the best. Will make it a thing anytime I visit! Gracias guys!!! Adriana

  • I can't even begin to explain how amazing this place is! Everyone is so kind and friendly. I had such a great time skydiving today. I will DEFINITELY be back!

  • As you can imagine, jumping out of an air plane for the first time is a thrilling but scary adventure. I read a number of reviews and found Skydive Temple, north of Austin, to have the highest rating in the area. I believe that they certainly earned the praise I read. When we arrived, everything was ready for us which helped eliminate our nervousness. As we settled down and met our instructors, Shelby and Aaron, we realized that this was going to be a very personal, thrilling and safe experience.
    The organization is very tight knit with a huge amount of experience. Our pilot was the owner (I believe) and the awesome woman that checked us in also was our skydiving videographer/film editor. Everyone was upbeat but calm and that seemed to make suiting up and putting on the harness a lot easier.
    The hardest part of the entire process was putting my feet on the step outside the plane while we were flying. Because of the tandem harness, I really didn't have to physically exert myself or convince myself to jump. It was 1, 2, out you go. The fear and feeling of falling is overpowered by the adrenaline you get during free fall. Though it is a shock when the parachute deploys, you get to finally look around and realize how far up you really are. It really was an awesome experience from riding in the small plane to jumping, to the parachuting down, to the landing...which was actually pretty smooth for me.
    The free beer afterwards helped calm my heart down and the comradery of the experience really made the two of us want to come back and get certified. I would also highly recommend the ultimate video package. It is expensive but it provided some of the most impressive moments of skill and excitement. It was amazing to watch someone crawl out ahead of me and catch up to us. When our chute deployed, she continued to fall...still filming us! The video was impressively edited in 20 minutes once my friend landed. If that's too much, the instructors also can take videos and stills. And if you are going to do this for the first time, you really should document it! It is definitely not for the faint of heart but I would take anyone interested with me again. I highly recommend Skydive Temple.

  • Awesome springtime morning doing something totally new and exciting Went to Skydive Temple TX this morning to celebrate my son's 18th birthday and my oh my, my 54th. He wanted to go so I had to go with. We had a GREAT morning with great professionals. We enjoyed how much these folks loved to show off their "fun" - skydiving. Very professional folks, very safe and alot of fun. I felt totally totally safe and had a blast. Went by too fast and quick but will be something to remember forever. Thanks for keeping us safe and sound! Crazy to jump out of a perfectly safe plane, eh??? But I will do it again I am sure and I will do it at Skydive Temple (In Salado TX).

  • This was the most amazing experience I have ever had. The staff was awesome and really made us feel comfortable. I highly recommend skydiving at some point in your life and Skydive Temple would be a great place to do it. My tandem instructor really read my body language and made sure that I was comfortable. When he realized I loved it he did some good fast spins before deploying the parachute and made it even more exciting. The videos are pretty pricy but I highly recommend purchasing them. They add music and some graphics that really make it cool. It's been fun to be able to look back and make fun of each other.