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Emergency Contacts

Almost every place that you go skydiving at will require you to sign a waiver. And on that waiver is a place for an emergency contact. It is important to put into consideration what you want for that emergency contact. I have seen people put stupid things there like "God" or "911" which would leave the dropzone with no one to contact in case of an emergency.

Do you want to put your parents who live on the other side of the country or your brother who lives nearby? If your wife is likely to panic and freak out, perhaps a close friend could be the contact and they could break the news. Hospitals need a next of kin there in case of severe injuries to give permission to treat. The sooner they can reach you at the hospital, the more help they can be. Most phones these days have a lock on them, so without knowing your passcode contact information cannot be accessed. The waiver is often the only thing the dropzone has to contact anyone.

And don't forget to keep it updated. If phone numbers change or they move, make sure the waiver is kept up to date.

Written by Wendy Faulkner, 10,000+ jumps, AFF-I, CRWdog