Georgetown resident Al Blaschke ties US Record for jumping on his 100th birthday at Skydive Temple - read about it here

Skydiving Near Austin

Skydive Temple is located 30 minutes north of Austin.

Skydive Temple is a USPA dropzone so you must be a member to jump at Skydive Temple.

If you do not have an "A" License you must have an AAD. If you are licensed it is recommended but not required.

We have full time rigging staff available, turn around for reserve repacks is currently 7 days and a repack costs $80.

We operate 5 days a week and are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Call before you come out during the week to make sure we will be jumping.

Skydive Temple has indoor air-conditioned packing area with pro packers, showers, snack bar on weekends, wifi, free beer and most of all fun!

Skydive Temple operates Cessna 182s and jumps are currently $25.

Skydive Temple has rental gear available, AFF students do have priority. Rental is $35 per jump or $75 for the whole day plus pack jobs.

Skydive Temple Licensed Skydivers