Georgetown resident Al Blaschke ties US Record for jumping on his 100th birthday at Skydive Temple - read about it here

Learn to Skydive Near Austin

Accelerated Freefall Skydive Progression

If you want to learn to skydive on your own near Austin, Skydive Temple is the place to come. The Accelerated Freefall Program is the most accepted and practiced training program that leads a first time jumper on his/her way to solo freefall. The first two levels will be a training tandem skydive, where you learn good body position, open the tandem parachute, and fly the parachute to the ground. For the next six levels, an instructor will accompany you as you learn all about skydiving - from turns to flips to tracking..

This program is designed to take a student from his or her first jump to being signed off student status. It will teach you to be a competent skydiver. One can complete this program in as little as one week. Once you start the AFF program you must maintain currency. We offer the AFF First Jump Course every Sunday morning at 9 by reservation.

If you go longer than 30 days you will need to attend a refresher course and could possibly back up a level. You must be in satisfactory physical condition, 18 years of age, with a maximum weight limit of 230 pounds.